3D-CAT B.V. has its registered office in Bergen, The Netherlands, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands under number 66770971.

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Hans Willemsen
Technical, Commercial
• 23 years with Royal Dutch Shell. Technical, commercial, operational and global business leadership roles in Netherlands, UK and Singapore.
• Formerly CEO of Shell Solar. 5 years with entrepreneurial family business Scheuten: CEO of Scheuten Solar and CEO of Scheuten Glass.
• MSc chemical engineering (RU Groningen, the Netherlands), MBM (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands), supervisory board program (Nyenrode BU, the Netherlands)

Gabriel de Scheemaker
Business Development, Finance
• 21 years with Royal Dutch Shell. Finance, commercial, operational and global business leadership roles in Netherlands, Japan, UK, USA and Canada.
• Previous leadership roles within Shell include: CEO of Cellana (an algae-to-fuel Shell joint venture), Chairman and CEO of HERA (a Canadian metal-hydride hydrogen storage company), CFO and general manager Asia-Pacific of Shell Hydrogen, VP of Shell Capital, non-executive board member of Icelandic New Energy, and led Shell’s participation in shaping two new VC firms (Chrysalix and Conduit), becoming Shell’s LP-representative for ten years.
• (Co-)authored publications on innovation, algae commercialization and hydrogen deployment.
• MSc electrical engineering (Delft University), MBA international finance (New York University), Fellow of the Institute of Directors, UK.

Jaco Saurwalt
3D Ceramic Printing - ECN
• 27 years at Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), currently Director Environment & Energy Engineering. Project leader of R&D and implementation projects at the National Ceramic Centre (NKA). Cofounder of Admatec ceramic 3d printing. Member of program council TKI Chemistry of advanced materials. Member of advisory board Lapmaster Wolters, USA.
• MSc mechanical engineering (TU Delft, the Netherlands), MBA (TSM Business School, the Netherlands).

Paul Cobden
Applied Catalysis - ECN
• 18 years at Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), working in the applied catalysis group. He first worked on micro-reactor technology for hydrogen production and combinatorial catalysis, initiating the first combined catalyst-sorbent processes at ECN, before beginning in 2004 on sorption-enhanced reactions as project leader. Since 2008 his main responsibilities are in for material choices made in solid looping cycle processes, including all sorption-enhanced processes and chemical looping processes with the group sustainable process technology. As such he is also member of the scientific committee IEA GHG – High Temperature solid looping cycles network, and from 2012 started to take roles as either coordinator or in the management board of EU funded CO2 capture projects for different industrial applications; to date STEPWISE, LEILAC and ASCENT. His focus within these projects is heavily skewed towards exploiting the underlying scientific principles to the fullest extent.
• 1st Class Honours in Chemistry at the University of East Anglia (1992). During this time he won 5 prizes for outstanding performance in examinations from industrial sponsors, 3 x Exxon and 2 x Aldrich, and a Promising Young Scientist award from Beechams in 1991, Ultra High Vacuum equipment for evaluation automotive catalysis applications, non-linear of the NO-H2 reaction over Pt-group metals